People Thrive in CoWorking Spaces

Jason Lusk

May 15, 2015


People thrive in coworking spaces. We see it every day at ClickSpace. Now, new research published in the Harvard Business Review explains why.

HBRCoworking space members see work as meaningful. They feel that they can bring their whole selves to work. They don’t feel they need to put on a “work persona” in order to fit in, and they are more open to cooperation and collaboration.

They also have more control over their professional lives. Coworking spaces let them work more flexibly – working at times of day when they feel productive in a setting that feels less structured and regimented than a traditional office.


Finally, coworking space members feel part of a community. You can’t connect with others in a café or home office, but coworking spaces work hard to help members connect, socialize and collaborate.

No surprises here. The two dozen strong members of ClickSpace’s coworking community would tell you the same thing. Want to be happy, healthy and productive as an independent worker? Coworking is the answer.


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