Customer Service Samurai

Do you have a passion for building communities? Do you like working with people? ClickSpace is hiring two Customer Service Samurai. One will work weekdays, and one will work evenings and weekends.  Responsibilities  Take care that the coworking space and dining areas...
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Balance Work and Play in Hanoi

Balance work and play while you’re location independent? Yes, you can! Check out these six tips for the healthiest most balanced you.

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What’s in Your Backpack (with Riley Waugh)

What’s in Your Backpack features members and guests of ClickSpace. Within our breezy cafe a creative energy inspires passionate, unique people from around the world. Often arriving with just a backpack, they’re letting us tell their stories.

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10 Things You Must Pack if You’re Moving to Hanoi

Sitting in front of empty luggage. Staring at a chaotic wardrobe. The rolling boil of what ifs.

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Learning To Work in Vietnam

Learning to Work in VietnamYuki Pham September 27, 2016Interview with Mike Beard, Managing Director of Simple Group Co. 1) What inspired you to start a business in Hanoi? I believe that I have been blessed in life in many ways and want to pass on those blessings if I...

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What It Means to be The Trailing Spouse

What it Means to be the Trailing Spouse Jody O'Dea August 17, 2016 By Jody O'Dea It was four days into our new life in Vietnam when I first heard the term. My wife had accepted a teaching position at an international school in Hanoi, and the offer being too good to...

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