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From Disillusionment to Leadership: A Vietnamese Changemaker’s Journey

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It was 2008 at York University, Toronto, Canada. A young Vietnamese student was waiting for her first class on Development Studies to begin. Her interest in International Relations had faded. She had ventured to York University with the dream of becoming a diplomat to represent her country. Now she couldn’t help wondering whether her dream was too naïve. The political games, the moves and counter-moves of the world’s powers couldn’t appeal to her. Disillusioned and somewhat disoriented, she took a mentor’s suggestion to try Development Studies. She didn’t know what to expect. Certainly, she didn’t expect the course to change her life forever.

That young Vietnamese woman was ClickSpace member Ly Tran. And yes, her life did change. As Ly studied the world’s economic structures, the struggles of developing countries resonated deeply with her. Frankly they made her heart sink. Ly saw her native Vietnam in a new light, and in her heart she knew she had found a new direction.

In 2011, a freshly minted bachelor in International Development Studies and Non-profit Management, Ly returned to Vietnam for hands-on experience. She soon joined Bloom Microventures, a registered UK NGO that supports rural communities in developing countries.

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Invader from the Steppes

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Veteran Mongolia hand Andy Parkinson brings ecotourism savvy
to Hanoi


“Since when have you been interested in environmental sustainability?”

_DSC0121-001“Since… forever?”

Andy Parkinson, seasoned adventure travel and ecotourism pioneer, smirks at the question. To him the answer was too obvious. He qualified in Geography, Ecology and Sustainable Design. Having worked in or founded three companies in the field, Andy is kind of a true Earth-guy.

“Everything I do has an environmental sustainability angle, whether it is tourism, conservation or sustainable design.”

“Since I was little, I’ve been interested in outdoor and wildlife. I ended up choosing related study subjects. You know, I am not a city guy,” Andy said. “So Hanoi is an interesting challenge,” he uttered with a chuckle.

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Harvard Business Review: People Thrive at Coworking Spaces

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People thrive in coworking spaces. We see it every day at ClickSpace. Now, new research published in the Harvard Business Review explains why.

HBRCoworking space members see work as meaningful. They feel that they can bring their whole selves to work. They don’t feel they need to put on a “work persona” in order to fit in, and they are more open to cooperation and collaboration.

They also have more control over their professional lives. Coworking spaces let them work more flexibly – working at times of day when they feel productive in a setting that feels less structured and regimented than a traditional office.

Tour ClickSpace Coworking Center. Get a Free Coffee.

Finally, coworking space members feel part of a community. You can’t connect with others in a café or home office, but coworking spaces work hard to help members connect, socialize and collaborate.

No surprises here. The two dozen strong members of ClickSpace’s coworking community would tell you the same thing. Want to be happy, healthy and productive as an independent worker? Coworking is the answer.

If you’re ready to give it a try, ClickSpace is offering 3-month memberships-for the price of 2 through June 13.

Click here to for a free coffee and tour to see if coworking’s right for you.



ClickSpace Merges with Commune Coworking Café

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Combined Spacebar Coworking Cafe + ClickSpace Coworking Villa Now Serving Customers

HANOI – 24 March – Two of Hanoi’s most renowned collaborative workspaces have merged and added two more investors: architect Jody O’Dea and consultant Ha Cuong (CK). The team behind Commune Coworking Café will establish an on-premises café bar at the ClickSpace Coworking Villa. Doors opened on the new space on  23 March 2015.

Commune’s café operations have been rebranded Spacebar. The combined ClickSpace + Spacebar coworking facility is located at #15, Lane 76 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.Spacebar Coworking Cafe

“Commune Café had great customers and a loyal cadre of laptop workers who called it their home base over the last three years,” said Commune founder Jeremy Wellard. “But it was time to return to our roots and get serious about building great collaborative work environments.”

Along with the merger, ClickSpace announced it would expand amenities in its coworking center. Over the coming months ClickSpace will implement phased interior and exterior upgrades . Members will enjoy upgraded meeting and teleconference facilities. After a trial period, the pop-up style in-house cafe will be transformed into a stylish, full-service work-friendly cafe, bar and eatery.

“Hanoi has seen a lot of coworking spaces come and go,” said ClickSpace founder Jason Lusk. “Our research into the exploding coworking scenes in cities like Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City shows why. Freelancers and digital nomads demand more from a coworking center than just a desk and wifi. These spaces require serious investment.”

Founded in a small To Ngoc Van location in 2013, ClickSpace Coworking Center expanded into its current villa location in July 2014. Members include both international and Vietnamese freelancers in the creative, social enterprise and tourism industries.

Established in early 2012, Commune was Hanoi’s first Coworking Café, combining dedicated coworking space with a more relaxed café/bar environment. The work environment was aimed at creative professionals and freelancers. An early mover in Vietnam’s coworking scene, Commune led the way for many larger spaces to follow.


Contact: Jason Lusk,, 096 976 0912

ClickSpace Hanoi Coworking Villa




Spacebar Hanoi Coworking Cafe


ClickSpace Announces Sponsorship of Song Hong 2013 Half Marathon

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ClickSpace is proud to be an official sponsor of the Song Hong 2013 Half Marathon. Presented by the Red River Runners volunteer organization, the Song Hong race is Hanoi’s only annual 21k event.

This year’s Song Hong race will take place on Sunday, December 8th. In addition to the 21k half marathon event, it will include a 10k, 5k and kids fun run. Click here for up-to-the-minute race information and online registration.

As part of ClickSpace’s sponsorship of the race, ClickSpace will serve as this year’s cash payment location. After registering for the race, runners may visit ClickSpace at 28 To Ngoc Van, 5th Floor (between the new Kitchen and Love Chocolate) to make payment. All runners making cash payment will also receive a coupon for one free day of coworking at ClickSpace.

ClickSpace Sponsors Song Hong 2013 Half Marathon