Coworking Villa in Hanoi, Vietnam

Balance Work and Play in Hanoi

Amid Hanoi’s energetic streets, curious alleys, and motorbike rumbles, our cozy co-working quarters offer a peaceful oasis. Here we understand the difficulty of jumping into a new country while continuing to meet tight deadlines. Tipping the scales toward all work, no play, and a lot of stress.

We’re here to help tip them back to make for a better, healthier workday. Because it’s hard turning down a project. Suddenly, you’re at full speed on a work treadmill and there’s no exit in sight. There is relief though! We’ve devised these six stress-reducing checks that’ll pave the way to balance and productivity:

1. Use night screen mode in the late evening, or avoid screens altogether. Bright lights make your brain release wake-up chemicals. These are the enemy before a busy day. Better sleep equals better focus and productivity.

2. Get moving! Sitting all day won’t help your circulation or spine. Familiarize yourself with Hanoi by exploring. Each district is distinctly different with its historic buildings, modern high-rises, and local charm.

3. Snag a local gym membership and join a class. Hanoi’s offerings suit broad fitness needs. From kickboxing to CrossFit to yoga, there’s something for everyone. Sweat, move, and burn your work stress away. You’ll also connect with locals and expats.

4. Bring healthy snacks. Diligently search and you’ll find anything in Hanoi. Time is the takeaway. Before taking off, pack some healthy nibbles. Your body will appreciate munching on fruit and nuts vs fried the first few days.

5. Take creative time. Pick up a book, a pen, or head to an art gallery. Your brain will appreciate the break. The headspace from unplugging will reap benefits in work energy.

6. Try new things. That poetry open mic, documentary film screening, or poker night aren’t your cup of tea? Check it out anyways and see people in their element. It might spark an unexpected hobby.

Living in Hanoi isn’t always Instagram-picturesque. Challenges arise, but not permanently. Soon the real-life video game of crossing the street and squeezing through rush hour on a motorbike becomes easy breezy. Make the transition feel seamless, stay balanced, happy and healthy. See you for coffee at Spacebar?